That Moment

If I had to pick a moment,
From the close or distant past,
To stretch out for a thousand years
And make forever last,
I know the one that I would choose
To eternally indulge.
As a moment, it was seconds long,
And yet those seconds are my all.

I could hardly think a thought,
In that moment oh so pressing.
A clear picture I remember not,
Only instants and impressions.
And yet there stands a single time,
A moment full of wonder,
Where my heart felt full enough to burst,
My reticence asunder.

As I pulled into the moment,
Of that seam upon my fingers,
I wish that I had taken time,
To allow myself to linger.
Yet there is,
In a way that I find twisted,
A way that I am getting
My wish as I had wished it.

For that moment of togetherness,
That instance most sublime,
Is stuck into my head and it
Is repeating on rewind.
It makes no sense to eat,
And it makes no sense to sleep.
The only sense that I could make,
Would be that moment eons deep.

Though the tale I tell of time relived
May sound tragic or askew,
It was a moment of progression
That brought me feelings all anew.
I do remain uncertain,
Of if I will have that moment back
But I remain content to sit and wait,
To plot my next attack.

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