The Blue and the Red

The battle lay into the night
As the bricks of the city stood by.
Coldly and lonely they watched
as the bottles and blood ran dry.
The streets are a light show tonight.
It’s a beautiful night to die.
The red and the blue,
replacing the sun,
preparing the men for a fight.

The monsters wait in the alley,
the caverns of corners and sharks,
Where a woman walks by in the morning;
Where a woman could not in the dark.
For the monsters and men there
whose features once felt
so different and sharp become one,
as the sun

And the last of the booze in a bottle
Runs through the gutter
Amber in colour
It’s sad, but it’s par for the course.
All of us sorry
for one another.
We’re out of excuses
As sisters and brothers
To not talk about our remorse.

The figures from under the bed
that they told us were all in our head,
could never live up to
the fear or the dark truth
of what’s really out there
if you would just care
to look.

And the bombs and books
that we drop from the skies
of the cradle we came from
help us realize that
this horror show that we
need bread and athletes,
circus performers,
and neon leg warmers
just to retain
can’t be sustained
if we want to stay sane and
keep our red fingers dry.

And the last of the blood in a corpse
Runs through the gutter
Crimson in colour.
It’s sad, but it’s par for the course.
Teenagers walk by.
Their shoe soles stay dry;
they just walk a circle
around the man, purple
and try to avert their eyes.
They know just as I do,
just as you do too,
that soon
the sun will rise.

As the sun climbs the horizon
The good folk wipe their eyes and
they get out of bed,
as that man lays there dead.
Left in the alley
where the sun doesn’t shine,
the people drive by him
and don’t realize
what life was just like
not an hour ago,
when the blue and the red were
staging a show.
And with that,
the night

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