Empty Platitudes

You do not need to tell me
How good things for me are,
How ‘good I have it’
Or how bad it is afar.

I know when I can’t sleep,
That my matters are a pea
Underneath a Mattress
One hundred or so deep.

I am aware that tunnels
Have a starting and an end
And even when it all goes dark
It will go light again.

“Foggy weather fades away”
Is what they always say,
“The rainbow follows after rain,
The sun will show its face.”

That does not mean the fog
Will not obscure my vision.
Nor do words imply
That the tunnel’s end is vivid.
It doesn’t help me sleep,
To complain the pea is small.
I only feel impoverished
When I’m told my vault is full.

So save the empty platitudes,
The sympathy and lies,
If you care then care and pay your dues,
Just let me wait and die.

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