A Fistful of Pride 

With cold wind in my hair and with frostbitten toes,
I find I’m deposed when I dare to despair.
In repair, one finds solace by difficult means;
TV, Computer and iPod screens.

In a flock full of people who do nothing but wailing,
I find now that sailing needs more courage than pride,
Besides, there is hardly a thing here left for one to find,
In my mind, that is, I lose sight of the shore.

What’s more, I find that there’s nothing while travelling south,
By mouth I have heard of the stories absurd,
The words and the gestures that tell me to go:
“You can still catch the show if you head over there.”

“Head where?” I then asked in pitiful woe.
“Where about do I go, and what do I seek?”
But the people are meek, and refuse to confide.
Instead stay inside, as they watch from the alley.

Alone on my galley, with nothing but pride,
In step with the tide, off to my destination.
Without explanation from people there former,
The air getting warmer, the captain more bruised.

“I lose, I lose”, I dare say I said,
The seas that I tread were pristine and prestigious,
In the footsteps of Jesus, I crossed island sands,
But crawled on my hands, as I there durst not stand.

For I had embarked on my trip with a fistful of pride,
And in stride, I had inched about various shores,
As I said before, It takes courage, not pride,
To see, coincide, seek, and find truth.

So emotions, uncouth, leaving footsteps of failure,
A sailor, who walked on the path of Golgotha,
Stuck in a broth of his most miserable shame,
For unlike He who he followed, there was no one to blame.

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  1. Hello!! This is the real me, from that other blog earlier. I posted a comment here a few minutes ago, strange, it came out with my other Gravatar, shouldn’t have done that, as I wasn’t signed into that blog, something to do with cookies I think. Can’t see it now, so maybe it was a ghostly cookie illusion… if you got that message please delete it!

    I’d love to publish this poem of yours in the next issue of the magazine… if that’s okay with you? I think it’s quite awesome!

    The magazine currently has thirteen issues (one new one every two months). There are no printed copies or payment involved for myself or the writers – it’s a free magazine for anyone to read. The aim is to help promote writers on websites and blogs, not just from WordPress but from all over the internet. https://thewritinggarden.wordpress.com/

    Copyright remains with the writer and I always include a link back to where the work was originally published plus any social media or other links you may wish to include (please let me know which ones – if you have any).

    If you would be interested in allowing me to publish your work please check out the magazine and let me know.
    Suzy 🙂

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    1. This is great! I’d love to be a part of it. Please, feel free to use it.

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      1. That’s great, thank you!! The next issue should be complete any time between 16th – 20th March. I’ll get back to you here with a link to the issue when it’s published. I’m very pleased to share your brilliant poem! 🙂


  2. Your poetry is published in The Writing Garden! Thanks so much for the brilliant poetry!! 🙂



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