It’s like prom again and I
Don’t want to let this feeling die.
Am I insane?
’cause I retain that I
Think ‘you and I’ is right.

Passing time;
With every word I find
You are my kind of perfect.
This tingle in my spine,
With you nearby, I’m addicted but you’re worth it.

So come say hi,
I will treat you right and I
Have this deep desire to make you all my own.
Any time,
Today, ten years from now or nigh.
I will smile, welcome home.

Is it bad that I
Want to dry your eyes,
Destroy a bride and leave you two defiled?
Blurry sight,
Let’s mix opioids and wine,
Ecstatic screams, vivid dreams, and smiles.

So pay your mind;
For it is certain I would destroy what I
Think holds us from the wild.

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