Dark Side of the Room

As the Earth revolves about,
Soaring in an orbit,
Of the bright and shining sun

Half of it stays cold,
A side marked with the dark,
Where the rays of warmth are blocked.

The sun is worried not
Of violence under the horizon,
from crime and cold and such.

Only those who face the sun,
Whose losses would be obvious,
Are safe under its touch.

The cold unfeeling universe,
The stars drowned out by ours,
Are busy looking somewhere else.

The truth is, like those stars,
No one nowhere really cares,
Except when Earth is facing us.

Not to say there is no good;
Some of us are blessed enough
To find someone who does.

But some of us are left alone.
Some wrought not on any thoughts,
Once they’ve headed home.

(Image Credit)

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