Diamond Cuffs

If I would disappear
Like a vagrant in the night,
Haul on every inch of sail,
And begone before the light;

If I hardly made a noise,
While I shuffled through the door,
If I hardly cast a whimper,
Or if I made a mighty roar;

Would the outcome then be different?
Would it all just stay the same?
Would my absence be significant?
Or bring my family shame?

With a glance cast to the floor then,
With accompanying huff,
Bruised and bleeding wrists are braced against
A pair of diamond cuffs.

A tether of the body,
Is a tether of the mind,
I would be a fool,
To leave it all behind.

To walk away from foodstuffs,
To spit upon my luck,
To give up gold and riches,
In the lottery I’ve struck.

But my mind can’t hardly wander,
To where the sun is always shining,
To where man’s shadow deeply casts,
On blood and gold and mining.

Where men who looked just like me,
Once stomped upon the sands,
Took it all for granted,
And put wealth into my hands.

In a land where there is nothing,
Where history left welts,
I have to wonder, maybe there,
There is something else.

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