Lamenting Time

Beauty’s always fleeting,
Like the twilight of the day.
Dancing, laughing, mocking us,
It plans to go away.

Whether it be later,
Or the ever-dreaded sooner,
Innocence and loveliness
Will drain into the sewer.

We can choose to hate it,
We can choose to sit and cry,
We can resent the world around us
And can curse up at sky.

That, or we can fire back
With smiles of our own.
Take a seat and watch the flood,
And choose to call it home.

It’s an ever-losing battle,
Plugging up the holes
Of the dam of pointless tragedies,
Which surely take our souls.

Will you let that sway you,
The fact that you will lose?
Or instead will it inspire you,
To find something to do?

Whatever you may choose,
The result will be the same,
And regardless of the choice you make,
That time still wastes away.

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